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The year is 2121.

Honeybees are now extinct.

Now the only hives are the ones that humans have built for themselves.

It’s not the next revolution – it’s the one after.

102 years into the future, cities have sealed themselves under holographic domes to protect themselves from the inhospitable climate. Yet, when the robo-bee population begins to die off like their honeymaking ancestors, the fate of this new society rests upon the fading memories of the last living beekeeper, a (former?) revolutionary who goes by the name Queen B.

Directed by Harry Waters Jr., given life by a mulit-talented ensemble, and buzzing with the sonic imagination of Dameun Strange, QUEEN B is a new outdoor play dripping with honeybee futurism.

#queenbplay #honeybeefuturism

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Queen B: A New Work of Honeybee Futurism trailer

Queen B: A New Work of Honeybee Futurism trailer

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Photos and video by Maxwell Collyard

For Captions, please follow link to YouTube.

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Production History and Touring

Queen B: A New Work of Honeybee Futurism premiered August 23-25th on Dahkóta land at Tamales y Bicicletas Urban Farm in the Phillips neighborhood of South Minneapolis. It was directed by Elle Thoni with live performance by composer Dameun Strange. Stage Management by Sea Thomas.

Originating cast:

Queen B: Lelis Brito

Kleo: Qamar Yochanan

Mel: Estefanía Sedarski

C.I. Superior: Scotty Reynolds

Hive Ensemble: Rickey Morisseau, Or Levinson

Set design by the pollinators and community gardeners/stewards of Tamales y Bicicletas, prop design by Mary Jo Nikoli and Remus Huber, and costume design by Linda Slater Thoni.

In 2021, Queen B swarmed to farms and green spaces across Southern Minnesota in partnership with Franconia Sculpture Park (Shafter, MN - Anishinaabe land), DreamAcres Farm (Wycoff, MN - Dahkóta land), Squash Blossom Farm (Oronoco, MN), and The Lake Street Truth Collective (Minneapolis, MN - Dahkóta land). See left column for creative team and link to show notes.

2021 Creative Hive

Written by Elle Thoni, Music by Dameun Strange


Directed by Harry Waters Jr.

Assistant Direction by Katie Burgess

Music Direction by Carlisle Evans Peck

Stage Management by Asher Edes


Featuring the talents of:

Lelis Brito, Tor Chavarria, Andi Cheney, Chasya Hill, Or Levinson, Esther Ouray, Ricky Morisseau, Erika Thorne

with live music performed by Carlisle Evans Peck and Willow Waters


Graphic design by Bryce Burton @strangelyrabideyes


Created on and with Dahkóta land in Minneapolis, MN.

Interested in bringing Queen B to your outdoor space?
Click here for Queen B 2021 program

Contact us here or at

For book inquiries, please email Elle at

6-10 roles, any gender

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This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the MN State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts & cultural heritage fund.

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