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The township of Saber, MN hasn’t made news since one of its farmers discovered a saber tooth skull in 1883. Yet, when the City Council considers reopening an abandoned quarry, the woods surrounding the town become home to a host of supernatural fauna. Why are extinct animals coming back – and what are they after? A dark tale about haunted woods and resource extraction, Saber MN is an immersive audio play experience asks you to confront the wilderness within.  

Listen here

Get cozy. Make some tea, light some candles. Run time is 50 min.

Stream here for free, or contribute $5 or more to download the full audio play onto your device. All proceeds will be split between Saber artists and Native-led Line 3 resistance efforts.

"Saber, MN is truly a magic piece filled with power and brilliance." 
- Willow Waters, listener

Invite your body into the experience

These two guided embodiment exercises, facilitated by movement artist Laura Levinson, are a companion to the story of Saber, MN. They were designed with pre/post show in mind, but you can engage with them at any time or as many times as you would like. They are a portal to enter the dance, to find your way into the slipstream that rides just beneath the surface. May you find support in it. And, if not, may you trust deeply and fully that your own technologies would in fact serve you better.  


Get lost in the woods

Step into the woods of Saber, MN with stunning visuals and species-specific context from the Saber cast.

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want to learn more about line 3 resistance?

Follow and donate to Honor the Earth, the Giniw Collective, and Gitchigumi Scouts.

Saber credits


Live performance originally commissioned and developed for Coming Home to Wild at In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre 

Land Collaborators


Dakota land - Minneapolis, MN

Upper Mississippi watershed

Woodland prairie bioregion


Anishinaabe land - Sawtooth Mountains in the Lake Superior watershed, Boreal forest bioregion (for now)


Carlisle Evans Peck - Composer/Music Director/Sound Editor

Elle Thoni - Writer, Director, Antler Design and Fabrication


Sequoia Hauck - Moose
Chasya Hill - Elk

Laura Levinson - Caribou, Creator/Facilitator of Embodiment Offerings

Town Council cast - Commarrah Jewelia Bashar (Marian), Ty Chapman (Carter), Mary Jo Nikoli (Council member Deb), Remus Huber (Young Sam/Curious Child), Carlisle Evans Peck (Council member Jonus), Rebekah Rentzel (Council member Lori, Sam's mom), Elle Thoni (Mayor Sam) and Richard Thoni (Council member Rob)

Appearances by ​David, Lise, and Colby Abazsand Julia and Andrea Kloehn (Townsfolk); Bryce Burton (Nervous Mom), Chava Kokhleffel (Sylvia), John Heimbach (Elder), Amy Rummenie (Tillman Corp rep), Stephen Thoni (Settler Eric Pearson)

Alison Heimstead and Dillon Sebastien - Fabrication team

Special thanks to Julie Boada and Rebekah Crisanta de Ybarra, In the Heart of the Beast Theatre, Philadelphia Community Farm, Round River Farm, Ricardo Levins Morales, and Elli Gurfein

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