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Post Minneapolis Uprising photo shoot inspired by Saber, MN. Performer Chasya Hill.
Photo by  Maxwell Collyard.

Wild Conspiracy creates performances where we get to see ourselves as belonging to a more-than-human world.


Stories are how we orient to and navigate through our world. Wild Conspiracy is a performance platform intent on restor(y)ing our relationship to wildness in an age of capitalist and ecological collapse. 


Wild Conspiracy operates on the queer interspecies spectrum between human << >> more-than-human. Within our collective imagination, cities adopt the organization of beehives and forests are rewilded with the ghosts of beloved extinct. We believe that when we dissolve the binaries of “human” and “nature,” we are finally able to come home to the wildness that never left, that never left us.


We use the ancient survival strategy of theatre as an incubator for and a direct encounter with myth. With an emphasis on narrative and world-building, our ensemble performances layer words, music, physical theatre, dance, and spectacle to co-create rich dramatic landscapes that are as vibrant as the living systems they're inspired by. Increasingly we are moving outdoors to collaborate in real time with land and place.


Wild Conspiracy is not a theatre company, is not a nonprofit organization. It is a surrender to loving ourselves as an expression of Earth’s resilience, a spiralic quest to uncover ties that have been obscured by white colonial capitalism, a fire to gather around - just like our ancestors did - to tell stories for courage in hard times.


As a living investigation, we retain our sovereignty to change our minds, our practices, and our organization. To grow, atrophy, evolve. Honestly, it’s one of the only things we can be certain of.

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